Whats on Display?

So your flight is delayed and you are getting bored, and have a free Wi-Fi at your service. Or maybe you are commuting to your workplace and have nothing better to do. Or you are sitting in front of your TV set and suddenly the signal goes bad. What will you do? I know what I will do, logging in to the Facebook. Most people will have the same answer but the word ‘Facebook’ can be replaceable by Twitter, Instagram, Pin interest or even WhatsApp, We-chat, vine etc. But once you are there what do you do? Status update? Comments, Likes? Sharing videos?

I read faces. Ok! Not faces. DP’s. (Now don’t crinkle your nose, because it is a good pastime!) And I have found that it can be quite interesting (and thought provoking) to try and guess what kind of personality a person has judging by the DP

. Disp

There are many types of people in the world and likewise, there are many types of display pics. I have categorized them into seven categories:

Social Activists: These kinds of people always participate in some kind of activity, for example Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Movement), and promptly set their DP as their photo with broom in one hand and a ‘V’ sign formed by other hand (Even if their broom didn’t touch the ground, for crying out loud!!). They always post their index finger’s photo on Election Day. They take pride in feeding Parle-G biscuits to stray dogs and might upload pics with these dogs, cats, pigeons too.

Social Butterflies: These kinds of people can even set their DP as the new nail-art they have got, or the new shoe they bought. They feel that it is their duty to update all the things happening to them on Facebook (For the world’s sake). Wherever they go they click photos (with the intention of setting the best one as their DP). They fall from their bike, break their leg and still can say to a friend, “Photo le be plaster ka, DP set karna hain!” Then they set this photo as their DP with status as “Had a minor accident, Got a plaster. Will have to stay at home for a month. It’s so irritating!” And they expect a ‘like’ on this.

Mystery Man/Woman: These kinds of people are afraid of disclosing their identity (??) and seldom are conscious about their self-image. So instead of setting their own picture as DP, they set anything ranging from Dolls, cars, teddies, quotes to kareena Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar, Leonel Messi, Salman khan etc. If you get a friend request from such a profile, beware! These can be fake profiles too. Check whether you really know this person, and then only accept the request.

Always Official: They either love their Workplace (??) or they have no life left outside their workplace. Because these people always post some picture that consists of their workstation, cubicle, an IP phone, a meeting room and their company logo. Fresher’s generally fall into this category.

Partially Lost: These people think that setting their DP to weird selfies clicked in night time, or low light setting (which shows only part of their face anyways) is very artistic. Let me tell you guys, that is so not cool. In fact these DP’s may seem scary to some. Be brave and dare to post your full Photo on FB.

Models: People who almost always set posed photos as their DP fall into this category. Most of the times these photos are clicked by a professional in studio settings (Photos unmarried girls/boys click to post on matrimony sites). The key highlights of these photos are heavily accessorised made-up looks, shiny clothes and unnaturally big grin. These pictures can be deceiving as the same person can look totally different on a normal day. But such DP’s almost always score at least 200 likes and 150 comments.

Kumar Gaurav: This Bollywood actor gave a blockbuster movie when he debuted in Indian Cinema. But since then hasn’t done much. Similarly, people who fall in this category set their DP once (most probably while creating their profile) and never change it. It might be because they are genuinely busy people, who think it is shallow to try to fit such unnecessary things in their busy schedule. Or maybe it is the only good picture they have of theirs, and don’t wish to spoil the cool image that DP has created of theirs.

Now I am wondering which category I belong to. Are you wondering too?


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