Confessions of a shopoholic…

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And yes! We agree that a well-fed man is less cranky. But then how to find a way to a woman’s heart? Simple, a way to a woman’s heart is through shopping.

Yes! We all women love a nice shopping expedition, whether it is in a posh mall or on Linking Road. And if our guy takes us to shopping willingly, it’s a brownie point! And all women help each other regarding this matter like nothing else. We share the information about the latest sale (sometimes offer to come along too, double benefit you see!) And we always keep each other updated about the latest trends. An example of this ‘Helping out’ was when I was in my last trimester, while describing how well I’m doing, my doctor said, “you can still go to shopping, you see?”

And if you are thinking that because of the postpartum confinement practices I couldn’t go shopping for months, you’re wrong! I could still manage to shop, thanks to E-commerce. And to my pure delight, this is much better in many ways. Shopping online means you don’t have to go out and sweat yourself. You can avoid all the traffic and parking space hunt. You can get best deals (Better than any retail store could offer), and extra discounts/ cash-back on it. And your husband can be one happy man who gets to see his favorite program on TV. I know my husband is happy with this E-commerce boom!


But considering the increasing number of scams, many people seem skeptical about online shopping. And I feel it’s valid too, because we have all seen what kind of marketing gimmicks these sales were. Many times the product that I wished to buy wasn’t available, and if it was, it was not necessarily sold at its lowest price. So is it not worth it?

Don’t worry, if you are smart enough you can still make the most of it. You just have to consider a few things before you buy things online if you don’t want to be a target of these marketing tricks.

  • Make a list: If you don’t want to end up buying things you don’t really require, list out the things you are looking for. Many sites offer some additional discount if the minimum cart value is up to certain amount. People generally have tendency of selecting random things if the minimum cart value is less. Making a list will help you into spending on the products which you really require.
  • Always compare with other sites: Sale or No sale, you should always compare the product you wish to buy on more than 2 sites for the price they are offering. Many times products that are on sale on one site can be available at a lower price on other sites. So comparing makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • Market survey: If you wish to buy a watch, eye gears or shoes, it is better to go to retail shops and check the product you want to buy. These kinds of goodies look good only if the fit correctly. For e.g., all people don’t look good in eyeglasses that have square frame, or if you have small-ish wrist, a watch with big dial is a no-no for you. So go to a retailer, note down the model number and search online. You can get awesome deals on this.
  • Sizing help: Almost all websites have this option when you are buying clothes. It provides a chart of measurements of the garment for various sizes, e.g., Small, Medium, Large, etc. The sizes specified on the garment (S, M, L, XL…) vary widely from brand to brand, and hence it is wise to take help from this sizing chart.
  • Read User Reviews: It gives you the general idea of the look and feel, the performance and durability of the product (Mostly in case of electronic goods) as no seller will provide this information to you. These reviewers are buyers who have used these products and are providing their own first hand experiences. So they can greatly help you choose correct product.
  • Return policies: This is the most important point and though it is the last, it is the most important point to remember. While buying a product you should always check the return policies of the online store. If you know a certain product cannot be returned from one site, you can buy it on another. In my opinion, Amazon has the most liberal policies and they actually stick to it.

So if you choose wisely and don’t fall prey to the marketing gimmicks, you can be a happy buyer.

 Some sites to refer for user reviews: – The ultimate resource for GSM handset information. World’s leader in tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how to’s and more. – Awesome site with over 28406 perfumes in its perfume encyclopaedia and loads of reviews. –Most popular site for reviews. They review virtually anything from music and movies to clothes and fashion.

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PS: The most important thing is, always buy from the sites which are secured. When you go to your cart, a ‘HTTPS’ should precede to your site address. Otherwise you could easily reveal your bank account details and be a victim of Phishing.

And above all, enjoy your shopping!!


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