The things I didnt want to overhear…

The things I didnt want to overhear…


I never talk on cell phone while commuting. Never ever!

Well that’s a lie; I do so, but not on sensitive topics. Why? Haven’t you ever travelled by a public transport? If you have, you would understand.

I travel by my company bus. There are lots of people which I only professionally know. And I have overheard their conversation many times. I know one Punjabi female who has problems with her Telagu in-laws (I totally understand now why Chetan Bhagat wrote ‘Two states’). I know a girl who always has a fight with her fiancé. There is a boy who takes advices from his besties to deal with his unrequited love. And there is this chatterbox, who always keeps talking with her mom about lots of personal issues such as her marital life and how her husband is always bossing around her.

I generally am sleepy in the mornings and just want to take a nap in my bus, but many such people won’t let me. Initially they used to irritate me, and I used to think why can’t they just shut up and stop bugging others. But having left no choice, I started following the conversation instead of getting myself worked up. And even if for that person they are really grave issues, to the third person (read ME) these conversations can be quite amusing.

Well, don’t judge me, I never meant to eavesdrop on such conversation. But if it is within your hearing range (and you have forgotten your headphones at home/ your cell phone’s battery is down) there is little you can do. So I can safely call it passive eavesdropping!

So now you must have understood why I don’t/ we shouldn’t talk on sensitive personal issues while in public places, especially at places where people know us, or be ready to be the subject of next office gossip. After all, I don’t want to let people know what I am cooking for dinner or what I am going to wear in my cousin’s marriage or my husband snores in seventh octave (Which he doesn’t, by the way).

Do you also commute by public transport? Have you heard any such amusing stories? What’s your take on passive eavesdropping? Please share…
Written for this weeks writing challenge: Overheard

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