Guilty of watching a crappy daily soap…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grateful and Guilty.”


Dear MJHT (short form of a popular Indian TV show),


Thanks for going off-air. I can’t believe I actually followed you for one whole year. But I couldn’t help. At the start everything was so fresh and new. I was still in my first job and the memories from college were still clear as glass. Somehow I could relate to the dilemma the protagonists (two small town girls) faced from fitting in the crowd to creating their own place in the crowd without changing themselves. I myself was from small town and had come to a big city for education. So it was very interesting to follow their journey. But when you introduced scheming cousins and jealous peers with a lot of planning and plotting, I lost my interest.


I should have stopped watching you that time itself, but I continued as I grew attached to the characters, however foolish their actions had become. And this is my guilt. But hey, I’m also grateful to you for making me relive some really nice moments of my college life, and reinstating the importance of friends in life. You taught me how not to get attached to characters of a fictional show, and after you went off the air, I haven’t followed a single daily soap. All credit goes to you.




Your Ex-fan!



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