Completely shaken and utterly stirred

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shaken and Stirred.”

This incident dates back to 1996 when I was in sixth grade. Me, my brother and my little cousin sis were alone at home, when my parents were out for a day. We decided that we will cook meal all by ourselves. Now, my brother is a foodie and likes to experiment since the beginning itself. So we (read HE) decided that we will make ‘Batata wada’ (Fried potato dumplings) which can be eaten as a snack, and also some chapattis (Indian flatbreads). I know this isn’t exactly an elaborate meal (at least not by the standard of the meals I cook today). But for a 10 year old, making chapattis was a ‘Task’.

So we gathered all the material, made the Batata wadas (Which turned out quite good in taste, if not good-looking) and there ends my brother’s involvement. After that, I and my sis (Aged 7 years that time) were supposed to make chapattis. I kneaded the dough and then started rolling the chapatti. I expected the chapattis to take the shape of our loving mother earth. But fate had different plans; it transformed them into the maps of different countries. And the best part was when my sis baked them on tava (griddle). We had no idea how much we should bake them and the result was stiff and rubbery chapattis which required lot of chewing before swallowing. I feel all three of us were quite strong to finish them of (and digest, of course!!)

Today also, when we recollect those chapattis, we couldn’t help but laugh our guts out!

I have made a lot of progress in kitchen today and can cook various elaborate dishes from Pulao to pasta, but when I read today’s prompt, somehow I could think of this fond memory from my childhood.

PS: Making a chapatti is an art, which takes lot of efforts and skill at each stage (Kneading, rolling, baking). Not everyone masters it. But when you make a perfectly baked soft chapatti, you will feel like you are king (Queen, in my case) of the world!


8 thoughts on “Completely shaken and utterly stirred

  1. Haha good that u still remember those small incident,now if try also u won’t be able to make this rubbery and stiff chapatis.that skill has gone with the childhood😃😃


  2. Your article reminded me when I tried to make a roti but I ended up making the map of someplace. Hahaha. Making a perfect roti is an art which needs to be mastered.



  3. I also recollect that my first chappati making atta mixing with water I started for 3 chappati and end up with 22 chappati’s and that day I could not final this atta & water mixing I taken help of my aunt to final.
    Ha ha ha ……
    Next time when I got chance I done it correctly….


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