New Year Resolution

Just another Wednesday. I get up in the morning, cook, get ready, and leave for the office. It’s just another working day.

Except, it’s the last day of 2014.



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Most of the people will have plans for tonight. Dinner, Night out, maybe clubbing and as the midnight approaches shouting out the countdown… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… boom!


And then the New Year resolution, which they know they will not even follow for a single month. But still every year we make it, just to break it!


The year 2014 has been by far the most important year of my life, important and interesting! I have had lots of enriching experiences in this year, the best one of them: Motherhood. I’ve had my baby and he is the most important thing in my life. Watching him grow is a delight. Every day he learns different things, try different antics. His mind is open and receptive. I sometimes feel he is a sponge, ready to absorb everything that comes on his path. When I take him out for a stroll, he tries to capture everything around him with his big beautiful eyes. When I make funny sounds, he tries to imitate. He wants to grab and touch everything, to feel the texture of different thing. He smiles at strangers, just like that. He giggles, babbles, cries and laughs every day. But somehow, every day it is different. He is not afraid of leaping away from my lap, because he doesn’t know he might fall in the process.


And I realize, I was also born like that. But then what made me what I am today? I am not organized. But yes, I am tied to certain routine. And breaking that routine makes me upset. I am not exactly enthusiastic to try exceptionally unique things. I don’t easily mingle with strangers. I have my own comfort zone and though I am a social person, generally I find difficulty in breaking the ice. And now I wonder, if years ago I was just like my son, what made me so rigid today? Years of conditioning- that’s the answer.


I recently watched a movie: PK. And all these things came back in my mind with full force. The alien aka ‘PeeKay’ comes to the earth just like a new born, with no knowledge of the customs, language, and religion. He is not afraid of anything because he doesn’t know what the consequences are going to be. But because he is unprejudiced, he can experience everything from a distance and without judging anything based on previous knowledge. Aren’t all children like PK? Full of curiosity, they always ask question that adults may find difficult to answer. It is because they are innocent and transparent in nature. But as they grow old, this transparency vanishes gradually when filters of different prejudices form on their glasses. They form their outlook on life and stick to it.


When a house is new, the glass on the window pane is clearer. But if we don’t clean it even for a week, dust accumulation is inevitable. And after a couple of months, it might even block your view of outside world.


So why accumulate so much dust on your eyes? Let us keep aside all the preconceptions and clear our visions as we welcome the New Year. Let us resolve to break free from all the blinding fears and worries. Let loose the inner child and let him take lead. I’m sure the curious mind of a child and the experiences of an adult is a deadly combination.


Happy New Year!!






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