The skill

Who says successful people are always positive.

There is so much negativity inside them.

We always see the positive side

And then we draw upon us futility and shame.

They do not worry about how to start,

They never stop ‘coz of any obstacle.

Neither do they entertain infertile chatter,

Nor do they believe in any miracle.

They almost always work and it seems

That they never stop whatever it is that they do,

Maybe because of this, that I feel

There’s a positive side to their negativity too…

I wish I would learn the skill of saying ‘No’

For I can’t keep working on other’s dream anymore!

Though I am in mid-ocean crisis,

I know that very soon I’ll be ashore…


I Got Skills


5 thoughts on “The skill

  1. Well written! True, that successful people are not always positive. But here that negativity, saying ‘No’ is need of your life. Especially in your professional life. B’coz its right…’I can’t keep working on other’s dream anymore!’
    If we wish to fulfill our dreams, have to learn saying ‘No’! Which is a need for an individual and it doesn’t mean you are a negative person. At the same time, judging and knowing the right situation for saying ‘No’ is most important. 🙂

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    • Yes and it is really important to see dream of your own and not just follow someone else’s dream. It can be binding and you cant just live out there fulfilling others expectations … Sometimes you have to please yourself too…


  2. Negative n positive always go hand in hand,they are like coin with two faces.i will just tell u a small para from story u must have heard the story of Arjun’s bulls eye hit on parrot he was so accurate,the other side of this is we never understood or tried to figure out he was cruel killing a bird without reason just to prove his to overcome negative side Arjun had to kill a bird to show the world how positive he is.its a mind game how we look at it.enjoy writing .

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    • If we dig out in history , every great revolution has demanded great sacrifice. But then it is the naked truth of our existence. we are on top of the food pyramid, so we sometimes forget that by nature we are nothing but animals. Cultured animals, we can say, but still… So yes, there are some great people who has shown cruelty sometimes. And I think that was much common in the era of Arjun.. Hunting was a pass-time. so he might even not realize that it was cruelty.


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