Generation Gap


I have my differences with my parents.

They think rules are made for a reason.

Why, they are made to be broken!

They say bungee-jumping can kill you.

When all it can do is thrill you.

They believe ‘You do or die’.

I just want to do it before I die.

They keep saying “You won’t understand,

Until you get your own child!”

But I know for sure, in their youth,

They must’ve been equally wild.

Agreed! I’m not yet there,

I’m just making a start.

But why can’t they understand me?

Come on, they’ve been there, they’ve done that!

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4 thoughts on “Generation Gap

    • Thanks. Its just my view on the friction between two generations. I mean kids are kids, they wont understand! But parents have been through that phase too. All we have to do is relate to their experience and try to remember our days! 🙂


  1. You wont be able to relate to your parents experience unless and until you pass thru same phase. Generation Gap is must , its natural, and betterment for society to grow. It cant have individualistic approach.

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    • True its required. But if parents try to step into child’s shoe ( since they have gone through childhood, even if the child has no experience of adulthood) at least the friction between them can be reduced to some extent. Children respond better when you reason with them instead of shouting or commanding.


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