Daddy’s little girl

Who are you? What’s your Origin Story?



I wonder who I am. Actually I still struggle to find out who I truly am, what I want to achieve in life and how am I going to make there. If I would have been a character in some game, or a comic book Super-Person, writing my origin story would have been easy as a breeze. But I don’t have a super power, I never had a traumatic past, nor did I face bullying. My family wasn’t dysfunctional and I had enough food, clothes and shelter. When people around me run the campaign ‘Save the girl child’ and ‘Women Empowerment’, I never knew in my early life the meaning of gender inequality. Because my parents never treated me like that, my dad never looked down upon me. I always have been his little darling. There were no adversity that I can say drove me into becoming ‘who I am’ today. But when I give it a second thought, I realize I am what I am because of my childhood. I am my daddy’s little girl- and I am proud of it.

He is a self-made man, proud and principled. Though, he had been through many trials and tribulations since his childhood and a good part of his adulthood, he never let that affect us children. There were days when finances were tight, but that never had an impact on our studies, or living. He along with my mother always had a mitigation plan.  I wonder how they did that.

My father was raised in a household with 7 more siblings. Still he’s the only one who has inkling towards arts. Extremely well read and an art lover, he always encouraged me and my brother to read a lot. Whenever I was in a tight spot, he used to quote his favorite doha from Kabir:

करत करत अभ्यास के जङमति होत सुजान,
रसरी आवत जात, सिल पर करत निशान।

Which means: ‘With persistence an idiot can become intelligent. Just like a mere rope can leave a mark on rock, if it’s rubbed on the rock again and again.’

This and many such quotes and poems in his arsenal have left a deep and lasting impression on my mind. His love of arts and literature made its way into my heart too. I admire him a lot because he believes I can do it even when I doubt myself. I may not the best in the world, but in his eyes I am. And when he says so I believe it too. In him I find my mentor, my inspiration, my strength. His life shows that life is a struggle and he’s fighting it fiercely. So when I see him, I get the strength to fight it too; to fight with him, to fight for him.

And that is why, though I’ll be turning 30 soon, in my heart I will always be my daddy’s little girl!




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