My childhood is analogues to Analog!


I remember waking up to the shrill voice of Alarm clock; I had to get out of bed to shut it up.  – Today my fitness band vibrates silently and wakes me up.

I remember exchanging notes to friends in class, hoping desperately we wouldn’t get caught.  – Now I exchange messages the same friends on WhatsApp and WeChat.

I remember waiting near the circuit switched telephone whenever I expected an important call. – Now my mobile network follows me wherever I go, including toilet stall.

I remember that anxiety and anticipation when I waited for the reply from my pen pal to my snail mail. – Today, It takes me half an hour to me to sort the important ones from all the promotionals, forwards, and chain mails.

I remember the time when riding a bicycle to go everywhere. — Now I ride it in gym, not for fare.

I remember running in the meadows, it was such a delight. – Running on treadmill is just for making muscles tight.

I remember the shopping trips, trying out 100 of dresses to find the perfect one. – Do you think shopping on Amazon, snapdeal, flipkart is as much fun?

Its not that I don’t love technology, I love gadgets.

I love how I can read any book that’s available online, on my smartphone, on the go. I don’t have to carry weight.

I like how connected I am with my friends from college and school.

But I still can’t help but feel a little wistful.

In this age of fast paced life, Digital is what everyone flogs,

And still what i long for is, my childhood, simple and Analog…!


2 thoughts on “My childhood is analogues to Analog!

  1. Your post made me feel nostalgic 😌. Technology has advanced so much that we have forgotten how we used to live before. The basic needs have extended from food, water and shelter to food, water, shelter, gadget and internet.

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