IBMC #1 : When I see you…

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #01

I choose the topic “When I see you.”

When I see you, I see a mix of innocence, mischief and curiosity. You are always looking to explore something new. You make a play of all seemingly mundane things. Your imagination is limitless, for your mind is not programmed to think a certain way. Every day you develop a new skill. It must be stressful to you, though you can’t put it in words. But you don’t cease to explore! So when I see you, I see my past and my future; and thank the god for my wonderful present that is ‘You’. ♥


I see all the above things when I see my child exploring the world around him. I just tried to put it in words. But sometimes he renders me speechless by his inquisitive nature, like in the above picture. 




7 thoughts on “IBMC #1 : When I see you…

  1. Welcome to IBMC Challenge! 🙂 I am so happy you picked it up. I will be really excited to read the take on further challenges.

    Coming to this, with a 10 months old baby at home, i can so much co-relate! I felt awesome reading this! 🙂 It was such a happy post. And yeah, kids are so much imaginative and its a inexpressible experience! Thank you for sharing this.. 🙂

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