IBMC #2 : Right where it all began..

IBMC #2 : Right where it all began..

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #02.

The front entrance of my college building.

See that Staircase? I have a swarm of memories associated with it. The first time i climbed them, I was in awe with the whole college experience. I was actually entering my adult life. I even met some of my very first friends (One of whom would later become my roommate) on these stairs. We used to sit there and finish our journals and assignments, eat our lunch/ snacks during breaks, take photos there during all the much coveted ‘days’, like ‘Annual day’, ‘Traditional day’, ‘Sports day’ etc.

These stairs have a life of their own. They are updated about the lives of all the students and teachers alike. They know all the gossips and current happenings in the campus. They know the fears, desires and ambition of all the students. They have seen the faltering steps of a newcomer while entering the building, and they have seen the confident stride of the graduate when they walk out several years later. They have seen budding friendships as well as falling-outs between besties.

For me these stairs are a symbol of transformation. When we climbed them for the first time, we were naive, cocooned and vulnerable; like a caterpillar. And when we descended there stairs for the last time, we were ready to explore the world with the new-found wings of independence and confidence, like a butterfly.

Really, this institute gave me much more than education. It gave me knowledge. It gave me hope. It gave me independence; and some long-lasting friendships.



8 thoughts on “IBMC #2 : Right where it all began..

  1. Your post took me back to my college memories! Wonderfully penned down! They sure are the best.

    It was really nice to see this photograph and I don’t think any other would have made this impact. The steps of memories. Nice read.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you.. I took this photo recently when I went to collect my LC (I graduated 8 years back. Talk about being lazy 🙂 🙂 ) and found out that there is no change in these stairs or for that matter in the whole campus. They sure are my most favorite spot though 🙂

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