IBMC #3 : For the sake of “Randomness”

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #03

Ok, this feels, wierd and stupid. But thats how random I can get. So here goes my entry:

I hate people who complain they can’t sleep at night. Who coined the term ‘Once in a blue moon’, I observe the moon every night, just to see if it has turned blue. According to google, sky glow is brightness of the night sky in a built-up area as a result of light pollution. If a white person sleepwalks during night, will you call him a white-walker or a night-walker? I used to dream about snakes as a child. Is ‘Insomnia’ a decease or disorder? Sharp memory is a blessing, only when you are selective about what to remember. Why do some monsters reveal themselves only during the night? Drinking water before bed has its pros and cons, which I’m not going to elaborate here. Will you label me a ‘Geek’ if I tell you that the ‘C’ program to draw stars in a night sky uses a random number generator function’ rand()’ ?



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