IBMC #5 : Girl, you’re worth it!

 Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #05

This fictional dialogue between two friends is in response to IBMC’s task 5. Prakash B. Hegade of ‘Its PH’ runs this challenge and it’s quite engaging. I especially found this task very tough and nearly gave up. But as one of the characters says at the end of this piece, ‘you have to trust yourself before you trust someone else’. So I just kept pushing myself to write it, and this is what i came up with. Hey PH, Hope i did justice to your prompt 🙂

“Hey aren’t you supposed to meet the guy from the matrimonial site today?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ll just take a rain check on him.”

“Why? He seemed like a nice guy.”

I am confused at times like this. Should I sound interested? Should I echo my concerns about his previous relationships? What if he asks me about my ex-husband?”

You need not answer all the questions! Just divert his attention to your excellent social skills. Maybe demonstrate your goofiness a bit. And then you can just laugh and laugh again.

“Why am I even talking to you about this when I know all you will do is making fun of it? I know I’m not worth it. I’m not beautiful, I’m socially awkward, and right now I’m borderline hysterical. But you don’t have to remind me about it every single time this topic…”

“Shush… Shut it! You know what your problem is? You, yourself! Your own thoughts – they do what you don’t ask for! They break you from the inside. And I know you were not like this before. You were a vibrant, confidant lady who knew her worth. Maybe years of mistreatment from your controlling ex-husband have turned you into this pathetic goofball. Couldn’t you realize earlier, what kind of freak he was?”

I knew it since the beginning! But he was charming too. And the love was new. I guess I simply ignored his strange quirks. But he has taken a large part of my soul. Whether I can trust someone with my heart again; that I don’t know!”

“Ok, I got your problem! You are still hung up on your husband.”

“Hung up? I HATE him. That’s why I left him, right?”

“Maybe not hung up. But you still think about him a lot. See, at times, we pretend to think about one thing and actually think everything else! In your case, whenever you meet someone, you don’t actually see or hear them. You see your husband, you hear him. And then you run away from the person you didn’t even try to get to know.”

“So you are saying I hallucinate? I daydream about the man I despise so much?”

“All I’m saying is you are prejudiced, and wrongly so. All men are not the same. You should take your chances. And you should have trust in yourself, before you trust someone else. Please, will you do that, for your own sake?”

“Hmm…Maybe you are right. No! You ARE right. I guess I should call him then.”

“Who? Your ex-husband?”

“No, silly! The man I’m supposed to see and hear!”

“Yay! That’s like my best friend.”

–The End —

–(Or The Beginning)–


5 thoughts on “IBMC #5 : Girl, you’re worth it!

  1. I have read quite a many takes for this challenge so far and everyone comes up with a unique story around the supplied quotes. I end up smiling and appreciating the unique thinking capability each of us possess.

    You have nailed it. There was apt use of quotes at right instances. It was a happy read with positive message. There was a good friend bringing out and supporting for the good. Liked the story. smiles.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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