IBMC #6: Dont step ever, in the ‘Never-land’!

Have you ever wondered when you wake up after what seems like a long time, whether it’s a daybreak or twilight?


Times have never been so tough,task-6

She feels herself getting lost.

She’s never seen a storm so rough

She runs in a feverish haste.


The sun is setting faster than ever,

Making way to darkness’s wrath

She runs by the sparkling lake,

She runs on the narrow footpath


She runs through the misty meadows

Staggering, she comes to a halt

Before her lies the grandeurs of yesteryear

Splendid, Indeed! Yet an abandoned habitat


“Come in!” the shadows whispers behind her neck

A rush of blood goes to her heart

The royal archway stands so tall,

She suddenly feels so small, so short


Suddenly the telephone behind the large oak doors

Rings; tring, tring, tring, tring, tring

The smokey fingers of an unseen force

Beacons her to come in, in, in!


She pushes through the doors that creaks

And makes her jump in her own skin

Goosebumps creep on her neck

A crimson blush on her cheeks and chin


Where’s the source of that incessant ringing,

When everything inside is in ruins?

“Can you not feel me dame?”,

The whispers asks her again
“Tring, tring, tring, tring, tring, tring, tring

Those are my signature rings

I am in search of some skin

Let me haunt all your dreams


Color no matter, brighter or darker

‘Weak will’ will be my marker

Tell no one, I’ll take someone

You’ll find out after they’re gone.”


“Who are you?” she screamed in dread,

Uncertain of what lies ahead

Shhhh, do you want a name, blimey!

I’m a Phantom, Demon, Ghost – that’s me!”


She screams till her own ears can’t stand it,

And then some more till she falls in pain

Only to wake up with smarting eyes,

And a headache that’s fuzzing her brain


She sees the pink hue on the horizon,

Sees, the storm has cleared from skies

She feels herself heaving a sigh,

“Thank god for another sunrise.”


But little does she knows,

In Never land, there is no sunrise!

Nor does it sets, giving way to the night

Here, it’s always the eerie twilight


 Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #06






7 thoughts on “IBMC #6: Dont step ever, in the ‘Never-land’!

  1. Well, you have a new fan! I was so excited reading this! Brilliant! 🙂 The poems keeps the curiosity all throughout.

    These two lines: “But little does she knows, In Never land, there is no sunrise!” Puts a huge smile and an expression of “Wow”.

    Thank you.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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