IBMC #7 : The chaos caused by BREXIT; Now, who’s gonna ‘Fix-it’?

IBMC #7 : The chaos caused by BREXIT; Now, who’s gonna ‘Fix-it’?

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #07 asks me to pick up a news story ad discuss it. I choose the story that touched me the most.  BREXIT.

No, I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons, the effects it will have on socio-economical scene in the Europe etc. The internet is full with discussions, tweets, and articles about all these things. I just… Okay, first read the news,  that appeared in my newsfeed on 27th June, 2016. (Check out the origional article here.)

Brexit: Racist abuse in UK reported since vote to leave EU

(CNN) :Racial abuse is on the rise in post-Brexit Britain, a Conservative British MP said as police confirmed they were investigating several racially motivated crimes.

Anti-immigrant leaflets saying “Leave the EU – no more Polish vermin” were put on cars near a school, local police said, the day after the country voted to leave the European Union.
On Sunday, the Polish Social and Cultural Association in Hammersmith, west London, was allegedly vandalized with a racist slogan.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

Conservative politician and lawyer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who quit the “Leave” campaign shortly before the vote, told Sky News that organizations working with race crime victims had seen a rise in reports of abuse since the Brexit vote.
“I’ve spent most of the weekend talking to organizations, individuals and activists who work in the area of race hate crime, who monitor hate crime and they have shown some really disturbing early results from people being stopped in the street and saying look, we voted Leave, it’s time for you to leave,” she said.
“They’re saying this to individuals and families who have been here for three, four, five generations. The atmosphere on the street is not good.”
Warsi had previously accused the “Leave” campaign of peddling “lies, xenophobia and the politics of hate” following her decision to quit before the vote.
On Monday, the Muslim Council of Britain released a gallery of “100 hate incidents” it had taken from social media and called on the Home Secretary to step up security for migrants.
“We are witnessing the shocking extent of this with reports around the country of hate speech and minorities being targeted,” Muslim Council of Britain Secretary General Dr Shuja Shafi said.
“We need leadership now more than ever before. Our country is experiencing a political crisis which, I fear, threatens social peace.”

Well, after reading the above piece, do I need to say anything else?

But I will. because after reading the news, my mind is plagued with lot of questions. Why do people have to hold grudge about other people, whom they don’t even know personally; just because their ethnicity?

I feel this is ridiculous. Most of these immigrants are born and brought up in UK. They are a part of UK’s workforce, their economy, and they are as much valuable as other citizens of the country. Still when they are referred in any piece of news, any article, they are called immigrants! Why, I ask myself, are we humans fighting against each other, when we have more pressing issues on our hands like terrorism and global warming. We talk about finding water on Mars and colonizing moon, and on the other hand we mock each other based on our accent, nationality and ethnicity. Isn’t that stupid?

Give me a name of one single person who can vouch for his race. Nobody will come forward. There’s no such thing as a pure race, not anymore. The only thing we know for sure now is that we are the descendants of Homo sapiens. If at all, we should be proud of our culture and customs. But that doesn’t mean we should be disrespectful to others culture. Insulting someone on the basis of their facial features or their birthplace is downright cruelty.

So please, people! Can we have some empathy and stop such acts? Let’s make the world better by having some harmony.



4 thoughts on “IBMC #7 : The chaos caused by BREXIT; Now, who’s gonna ‘Fix-it’?

  1. I am glad you picked this up. I finally took some patience and made a dig of more information around it. There have been many political issues so far where even for people residing there would find it difficult to understand over some decisions. I still have not completely understood this issue! I hope with time, the facts over this decision will be clear.

    But after reading this post i have a better knowledge than before. Thank you.. 🙂

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      1. True! They all have consequences.

        I know it is not exactly the correlation, but I had similar thoughts when AP was divided. Only when I lived there I understood and believed the state division was the most desired decision. They all have pits which get ignored if advantages are better some!

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