IBMC #10: A Fistful of Beach Sand…


Happiness is the most sought after, hyped, overrated and overused concept in our society. It is sometimes confused with some other overrated concepts like Success, Victory, Achievement, etc. But is it really about that?

I think happiness is the state of being happy. It’s not related to how much you can have, and how much more you can try to possess. It is not how many people like you, or follows your path. It’s not about how many trophies you have, or how much world you have seen. You can have all the things in the world and still you’ll never be happy if you are not content.  And if I tell you I’m a genie and can grant you 3 wishes, you’ll immediately think of asking 3 more wishes as your last wish.

So if all this madness that is possessing, acquiring, and conquering is not happiness, then what it is?

I guess it’s the little moments of joy, which makes our life better. Happiness is like the sand on the beach. You stand on it, feeling it with the soles of your feet, wiggling your toes in it to take as much pleasure from 240_f_90942034_kcurakaqg1h2nuhojdwtu8rtk7kkuqm5its softness as you can. Occasionally a strong wave of crisis comes your way, and you may feel the sand slipping away from under you. But when you regain your composure, it’s still there.  You pick up the dry sand and it slips through your fingers and you’d think it’s gone. But really it’s not! Even if it’s not handful, there are some grains that stick to your palm. Aren’t happy memories like that? Even if the moments pass by, the memories remain. And they too, like the moments themselves, have the capacity to make us happy.

Even on your bad hair days, there must be some good things that are happening to you. You just need to retrospect. And you’ll surely find some memories that made you smile that day. When you think your job is a joke, think about hundreds of jobless youth who turn towards crime to earn their bread and butter. If you think your lunch was bad, think about those who survive on leftovers dumped in the bins. If you think your house is small, think about those who lost theirs due to drought/earthquakes. We find ourselves thinking about our misfortunes more often, instead, we should thank god for all the good times he has shown us. Instead of asking god, ‘Why me?” we should be thankful to god for both good and bad times. Because the happy times get you by in bad times, and bad times teaches you to appreciate happy times fully.


♥Remember, roses always comes with thorns.♥


Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #10




8 thoughts on “IBMC #10: A Fistful of Beach Sand…

  1. Reading this was sure a happiness. Very true to the point that happiness is not materialistic or tied to the achievements. The best part is we all have our own definition of happiness and life is all about defining it again and again!

    Thank you for taking up IBMC. How much I have enjoyed reading your posts, right from challenge one! Thank you so much. 🙂

    You can use the final IBMC logo. I have updated the challengers list which can be found here.

    Well, I now have one more favorite blog to visit often!

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  2. A FISTFUL OF BEACH SAND…” – very well expressed the happiness.
    We should always have a walkdown to our memorylane….to feel the happiness and to feel those small sand granules… Which will always be there in our lives. 🙂

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