Photo Challange: Details


Nature is full of wonders. We just have to look carefully. But we get so busy in our daily life, that we seldom find beauty in small things and run behind the larger ones.

We don’t always have to zoom out to cosmic levels to find out what lies beyond. Sometimes its worth to zoom in and find out what lies beneath.

So, Lets find out…

A Bee having her ‘lunch’ 🙂
And I always thought frogs were ugly!
Both of them prove how wrong I was!
This guy is greener than hulk!


Two chameleons playing ‘Hide-n-Seek’
It’s Nap-time.
Looks like flames…
A dash of color.
Itsy Bitsy Spider!
When everything outside is foggy and blurry, you can focus on the trails left behind by the raindrops. Ain’t they beautiful?


Details : My cellphone with which I took all these beautiful details of Mother Nature is nearing its demise. Some problem with its screen. Looks like a generic problem with this HTC model. My heart goes out to it 😦


And now some clicked with my Digital Camera:


I have this love-hate relationship with Rainy season, where, when rain falls on a weekday, I hate it and don’t want to go outside; when it falls on weekend, I love it and want to get into my rainwear and step outside. I know, most of you feel the same way, isn’t it? Human mind works in a strange way 🙂



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