A Shared Journey

A brilliant post showing exactly what is ‘Tolerance’. You may have seen the SitCom ‘Different strokes’. With a variaty of Religions, Casts and Languages, ‘We Live It’ 🙂 Read on this amazing real-life incident from Saurabh who blogs at ‘Soomdi’ and you will know what exactly I mean by it. 🙂


Every morning a frigid man with little powder white hair is waiting for me keeping a sharp eye on his old but strong and sturdy Nokia feature phone. A punctual man in Khadi coloured uniform, who probably has one eye on the road from where I come walking and the other on his phone to keep track of time. He is the driver of my office bus and I call him ‘Khan Uncle’. Every day he will wait for me exactly till 7:51 am not a second less nor a second more. The moment its 7:52 am he thrusts the gear and presses the accelerator, and it’s me running and scampering to make it to the bus.

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