Home Sweet Home

♥ Home is where the heart is ♥


Recently I’ve been working on my photography skill, a passion which was dormant for so long was taking its roots in my mind. So i signed up for this amazing Blogging-U course from ‘The Daily Post’. And guess what? The theme for the first day was ‘Home’ 🙂

Having moved to a lot of places; first because of my father’s transferable job, then my education and job, and then after my wedding; I cannot imagine any one place as my ‘home’. I had lived in many ‘Places’, some of them are close to my heart, some I hated. But this, I can clearly say, was, is and will always be my home:


This photo is taken in a holiday home with my Parents and In-laws. This is my home. All the people I need in my life. If they are with me, I’m Home.



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