Data: How much is too much?

Data: How much is too much?


Two years ago, I gave birth to my little pumpkin pie, my sweet son. I had a C-section delivery due to some complications. I couldn’t hold my baby properly for 48 hours until after delivering him. And when I held him for the first time, I couldn’t stop crying. These moments were captured by a Camcorder.

Then came the months of long nights and sleepy days full of chaos: Feeding, Peeing, Pooping, And Sleeping. And between all this, every tiny smile, smirk, yawn, cry was being captured, every single detail of this new member of our family. Many a times we used to keep the camcorder running, just out of fear that if he does something new and the camera isn’t on we will lose the moment. And we actually managed to accumulate many such ‘First’ moments. First rolling over, first sitting, first giggles, first standing up, first walk, and first babble etcetera …I can say that child/Infant photography is not much different than wildlife photography.  Wild animals and babies, both are same in some ways. One, they don’t understand your language. Two, they do exactly what they want when they want. And three, well, they are wild!

And here we are, two years later, with an adorable toddler, who’s turned into a poser, he understands what I say most of the times, and mostly follows instructions( mostly, not always! But that’s a typical behavior of a toddler) and a laptop and an external hard drive full of his pictures and videos. And when I say full, I mean ‘FULL’. As in, if we don’t take any action now, we-might-run-out-of-space kind of full. 1.2 TB data about my son has been accumulated during the first 2 years of his life. And now we are looking for a new backup device to store all this data.

But my question is: Even if we backup all this data, when my son grows up, will he really be interested in watching so many videos, pictures of his childhood? And assuming that he will be delighted to see all these snippets of his infant/ toddler life, how well can I preserve it till that time?

A few options to solve the ever growing data storage problem were proposed to me by various people:

  • Downsize the photos and backup them in external hard drive.

Pro: Reduced size, will take less storage space.

Cons: If I want to edit, process, enlarge and print the photo, the quality wouldn’t be as good. Also, the videos are for HD viewing, so downsizing them won’t work.

  • Print the photos and keep the album. Even if you lose the data, you have the hardcopy.

Pro: Haaha!

Cons: What about the actual physical storage space needed for the albums?

  • Upload it all to Google Drive

Pro: Seriously?

Cons: First of all, does google drive support uploading so much data for a single account? Plus the Internet bandwidth and time it will take to upload it should also be considered. The biggest problem with this solution is the security aspect of it. So this is also a BIG NO for me.


Finally we have decided to buy an external hard drive on which we will store the original photos and an existing external hard drive to back up the new drive, and we will then downsize the photos and keep it in the laptop.

By the way, has anybody else faced this problem ever? Hey people, New moms, dads, Travel bloggers, Professional photographers? How do you manage guys? Just an insight, please?

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10 thoughts on “Data: How much is too much?

  1. I would suggest buying an large capacity external hard drive and transferring everything to it. And also, just to be on the safe side, plug it in occasionally and check whether the data is safe or not. I do just that.

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      1. Try HDDs from Western Digital or Toshiba. I’m using a 1 TB HDD from Toshiba since 2 or 3 years and it still is as good as new.

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  2. I own two 32 gb SD Data storage cards. A 1 TB HDD from Seagate. I mostly prefer Seagate or WD Elements! A a couple of small storage pendrives
    Not blabbaring, Just saying, :p
    You can do all this. Plus Try utilizing Recuva. A recovering software. I’ve used it quite a few times. Like 80-90% of my data was recovered twice.
    But nothing you do is enough. But those are my suggestions! 🙂

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    1. Thanks zaiyd… I’m trying to implement a 3 tier security specifically for my child’s photos, where I’ll b storing data in one disk, mirror it to another one and then downsize the photos and store it on my laptop. Hope it’s sufficient… and thanks for sharing about Recuva… Will definitely check it out. I have bad exp with Seagate though! I don’t know

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