Connect to ‘Nature’…


If I ask you that if you are to spend the rest of your life in a totally stranded, uncivilized, uninhabited island, and you are permitted to take one item with you, what would you choose?

Most of the people will go for their gadgets, specifically their Smartphone, I-Pod etc. And if this is the first thought that occurred to your mind too, there’s nothing wrong in it. It’s a great gadget, apart from its normal task of calling people, a smart phone can also act like a camera, music player, notebook, organizer, alarm, scanner, navigator and much more.

But if you really are going to spend your life on the island, wont you need the most obvious thing: food? water? Would you really know where to find water on that huge island? Will you be able to distinguish the berries that are edible from the ones that are poisonous? Will you be able to survive in the rough weather? How will you make it there?

I know you might be a great Bear Grylls fan, or have seen ‘Cast Away’ a hundred times, when it comes to the actual scenario, theory wont work. Practical experience can only help you survive. Then how will we get such experience if we constantly hide behind our gadgets in the warmth of our Air-conditioned home/offices? And when I think about it, I feel our generation is at-least better off. We played on the playground for hours in our childhood. What about then next generation who plays only on play station?

There’s only one way to remedy this: Help them connect with nature. Tell them how beautiful it feels to wander off the wilderness, how amazing the sky looks at sunrise/sunset, how many days it takes a caterpillar to transform in a butterfly and why does the rainbow appear in the sky. Look at their face as you teach them this. The more they get close to the nature, the more amazed and curious they’ll get. And while you are at it, teach them not to disturb the laws of nature.


Teaching the new generation to ‘Connect’ to nature is a must.


We draw energy from our surrounding, so we already have some Connection to the nature. Its time we  deepen it!



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