I am a book-lover. And a movie buff!

So when the movies meet books, its a treasure for me♥

Classic Movie posters on display in the lounge at PVR ICON Gold, Andheri.


The Name’s Bond,.. James Bond!
From Pirates to official Nat GEO Photos to Ferrari and what not!
The Book ‘Early Bombay Photography’ worked like a time machine, Some dance forms and Animated films were cherry on the cake.
I wanted to check this book out: ‘Why we travel?”, But it was time for our show.
Again the allure of all 3 of them made me wonder whether to skip the movie and actually spend my time in the lounge itself.
‘Bollywood behind the scenes’? Oh Yes, please! And look who’s there : Bond, again! Shaken, but not stirred 🙂
Oh, I’m so much intrigued, next time I’m heading there 3 hours before the show (If they allow that) and hog the lounge for as much time as I can, and read or skim through as much books as I can 🙂



Such an amazing collection, isn’t it? A treat for all book + movie lovers.

I know there’s nothing much from photography point of view, But somehow, these are the things that I treasure, so … I had to post it 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this treasure as much as I did!



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