Connect to ‘Nature’…


If I ask you that if you are to spend the rest of your life in a totally stranded, uncivilized, uninhabited island, and you are permitted to take one item with you, what would you choose?

Most of the people will go for their gadgets, specifically their Smartphone, I-Pod etc. And if this is the first thought that occurred to your mind too, there’s nothing wrong in it. It’s a great gadget, apart from its normal task of calling people, a smart phone can also act like a camera, music player, notebook, organizer, alarm, scanner, navigator and much more.

But if you really are going to spend your life on the island, wont you need the most obvious thing: food? water? Would you really know where to find water on that huge island? Will you be able to distinguish the berries that are edible from the ones that are poisonous? Will you be able to survive in the rough weather? How will you make it there?

I know you might be a great Bear Grylls fan, or have seen ‘Cast Away’ a hundred times, when it comes to the actual scenario, theory wont work. Practical experience can only help you survive. Then how will we get such experience if we constantly hide behind our gadgets in the warmth of our Air-conditioned home/offices? And when I think about it, I feel our generation is at-least better off. We played on the playground for hours in our childhood. What about then next generation who plays only on play station?

There’s only one way to remedy this: Help them connect with nature. Tell them how beautiful it feels to wander off the wilderness, how amazing the sky looks at sunrise/sunset, how many days it takes a caterpillar to transform in a butterfly and why does the rainbow appear in the sky. Look at their face as you teach them this. The more they get close to the nature, the more amazed and curious they’ll get. And while you are at it, teach them not to disturb the laws of nature.


Teaching the new generation to ‘Connect’ to nature is a must.


We draw energy from our surrounding, so we already have some Connection to the nature. Its time we  deepen it!






Monsoon is a lovely season indeed!

Why, one might wonder? The sky is always gray, it’s always too damp, traffic jams and cancelling of local trains due to bad weather, and on some days you desperately wish for some Vitamin D.

But despite of all these problems, when you encounter such a beauty in nature, would you complain?

Small streams of rainwater…
This is pure bliss!


And believe me I get to see this scenery on my way to work. Such a refreshing start of a day!




The theme for the day is : ‘Water’


I’m always mesmerized by ocean waves. They seem to follow some pattern, some rhythm. Some are small, some merge into each other to form a bigger one, but all pleasant nonetheless. The mixture of salty air and sound of rippling waves is a heady mixture; it always soothes me 🙂

And when you look at this photo, don’t miss the bird in the bottom-left corner. Peaceful, isn’t it?


Home Sweet Home

♥ Home is where the heart is ♥


Recently I’ve been working on my photography skill, a passion which was dormant for so long was taking its roots in my mind. So i signed up for this amazing Blogging-U course from ‘The Daily Post’. And guess what? The theme for the first day was ‘Home’ 🙂

Having moved to a lot of places; first because of my father’s transferable job, then my education and job, and then after my wedding; I cannot imagine any one place as my ‘home’. I had lived in many ‘Places’, some of them are close to my heart, some I hated. But this, I can clearly say, was, is and will always be my home:


This photo is taken in a holiday home with my Parents and In-laws. This is my home. All the people I need in my life. If they are with me, I’m Home.



Photo Challange: Details


Nature is full of wonders. We just have to look carefully. But we get so busy in our daily life, that we seldom find beauty in small things and run behind the larger ones.

We don’t always have to zoom out to cosmic levels to find out what lies beyond. Sometimes its worth to zoom in and find out what lies beneath.

So, Lets find out…

A Bee having her ‘lunch’ 🙂
And I always thought frogs were ugly!
Both of them prove how wrong I was!
This guy is greener than hulk!


Two chameleons playing ‘Hide-n-Seek’
It’s Nap-time.
Looks like flames…
A dash of color.
Itsy Bitsy Spider!
When everything outside is foggy and blurry, you can focus on the trails left behind by the raindrops. Ain’t they beautiful?


Details : My cellphone with which I took all these beautiful details of Mother Nature is nearing its demise. Some problem with its screen. Looks like a generic problem with this HTC model. My heart goes out to it 😦


And now some clicked with my Digital Camera:


I have this love-hate relationship with Rainy season, where, when rain falls on a weekday, I hate it and don’t want to go outside; when it falls on weekend, I love it and want to get into my rainwear and step outside. I know, most of you feel the same way, isn’t it? Human mind works in a strange way 🙂